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Heat & Sound Shielding

An application of sound shielding, depending on how much is used, can typically reduce road noise dramatically by between 3 and 15dB - equating to 30 to 80% reduction. The greatest difference is often seen on classics such as Triumphs where factory-fitted noise reduction and heat shielding was so limited. Even car doors will shut with that reassuring heavy clunk, rather than a clang after shielding is fitted, giving the perception of quality and a better car. Typically 25 to 50% area coverage will prevent a specific panel from resonating, alternatively it can be applied over the entire floor, doors or boot to create a complete sound barrier and vibrational damper.

Products primarily designed as a heatshield mat will also alleviate noise & vibration although their primary purpose is heat insulation - usually to prevent heat from damaging components exposed to it, eg bonnet underside insulation to protect the topside paint. Products can also used effectively to help retain heat in an insulation capacity where it is beneficial to do so, eg manifold & exhaust wrap.

Individual heat protection solutions & ancillary items (starter motor, plug tubes etc) are also detailed on this page.