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Bonnet Heatshield Self Adhesive

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Insulates against under bonnet heat & sound

5mm thick. Aluminiumised self-adhesive heat shield mat reflects over 90% of radiant heat.

Will be supplied as a 1 meter by 1 meter piece - if you want a piece 1 meter by 2 meters then please place an order for two and you will receive a continuous piece measuring 1M by 2M. Trim to size with tough scissors or Stanley knife.

Offcuts can be usefully employed to protect fuel lines, hoses or any component you wish to keep cool. However note that this product is designed to reflect heat and not designed for direct contact with manifolds/headers/exhausts. It will withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees F (176C) of direct contact. For direct contact with a heat source please see our other products.

Very easy to apply but ensure surface is grease-free as nothing sticks to grease!

Please note that this material can be rolled but not easily folded for shipment, this results in increased shipping costs which will be quoted when you check-out.