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I've been selling classic Triumph parts, both new and used, since 1991. So I’d like to think I’ve got the hang of it by now.
Here at Quiller we don’t attempt to stock everything. Just the parts that we either manufacture ourselves or have a good source for - so we like to think that in many instances these are the best quality parts and at the best prices. A lot of our parts go to traders and specialist garages and the appropriate quantity discount is indicated on that individual item listing. We’re not a one-stop-shop and we know that, we don’t stock everything you will ever need. Having said that, if you’re really struggling to find something get in touch and we’ll do our best to source it for you.
Years of experience have given us a good idea of what fits and what requires a bit of fettling. We ran a dedicated Triumph restoration workshop in SE London for over 20 years (until the premises were compulsory purchased by Crossrail) so have an idea of what you might need.
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Sometimes the part you're looking for is only available new as a poor reproduction, or exorbitantly expensive, or simply unobtainable. We keep stocks of used parts and may be able to help