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We recondition parts and sometimes run out of old units to rebuild. Consequently we are often looking to buy these old parts.
If you have any of the below you can spare then please contact us Let us know what you have and what Triumph model it came from.
  • Herald: gearbox, hoodframe, differential, steering rack, roadwheel
  • Spitfire: gearbox, overdrive, differential, twin-carb sets, exhaust manifold, inlet manifold, steering rack, MK1/2/3 roadwheel
  • GT6: twin carb sets, gearbox, overdrive, differential, clutch fork, steering rack, door 1/4 light windows, 5.5J roadwheel
  • Vitesse: clutch fork, roadwheel, hoodframe, gearbox, overdrive, differential, steering rack
  • TR6: roadwheel, hoodframe, gearbox, differential, steering rack, PI equipment
  • Dolomite: gearbox, 1500 exhaust manifold, Sprint distributor, Sprint cam cover
  • Stag: engine, cylinder head, differential
  • 2000/2500 Range: gearbox, differential