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Electric Fuel Pump RFPFDB790

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Electric Fuel Pump RFPFDB790
For power tuned carburettor equipped Triumphs the standard fuel pump may not be able to maintain adequate fuel pressure at higher engine speeds.
Electric pumps can be fitted to the front or rear of the car, but ideally not higher than 70cm from the fuel tank bottom feed. Electric fuel pumps provide further benefits in alleviating problems associated with vapour lock and give constant fuel pressure even at high temperatures.
If converting from an engine driven pump be sure to fit a fuel filter before the pump - any dirt or grit larger than a grain of sand will shortly wreck an electric pump.
Fitment advice is available here

  • Designed as an electrical replacement conversion for Triumphs with manual fuel pumps
  • Also suitable replacement for Lucas pumps part numbers FDB790, FDB787 and FDB788
  • 12volt, negative earth, current draw 4.5amp
  • Male push adapter fitted to wiring (you may want to remove this and use alternative electrical terminals at your convenience)
  • Pressure (Psi): 3-4.5
  • Flow in Gallons/Hour: 20-28
  • Push on adapters 5/16" (8mm), barbed for a secure connection
  • Dimensions: 145mm long, 54mm diameter, weighs 405 gram
  • Suitable for standard and fast-road vehicles up to 120BHP
  • Suitable for modern ethanol-added fuels (E10-E85)
  • Quiet operation

Suits non-injected vehicles only