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How To Tell If Your Wiper Blades Are Worn
Back and forth, back and forth — no wonder windscreen wipers get worn. Blade manufactures recommend replacing the blades every 12 months, in our experience they usually last 2 or 3 years. In any event if you're struggling to see in the rain, it's past time to get new ones. This is a fast, easy, low-cost upgrade that will seriously improve your safety and enjoyment of your Triumph in the rain - a smeary screen is annoying.
Here are some other signs that new wiper blades are in order:
  • Streaking or hazing on the screen when it rains.
  • A chattering sound when your wipers are on. This noise means they're not swiping smoothly, but jumping about.
  • The blades are pulling away from the screen at higher speeds, instead of sitting snugly against it.
  • The rubber has split into sections or pulled away from the wiper blade structure. This can cause a slapping sound when you turn on the wipers.
  • The rubber edge looks worn or torn in places and may be discoloured.
  • Wiper blades can be changed on most Triumphs in minutes without any tools required
If you have changed your wiper blades and the sweep is still not satisfactory this is usually because the internal spring on the wiper arm is no longer tensioned enough to hold the blade pressed onto the screen sufficiently and/or the spring housing is worn.
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