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Triumph Seat Belts
The earliest Triumphs were not fitted with seat belts. As the 1950s progressed into the 60s seatbelts were not installed on the production line but did become offered as an additional cost dealer and then a factory option. Belts offered were lap or 3 point made by Britax, sometimes branded Britax and sometimes Stanpart. Moving into the 70s static 3 point belts were fitted before moving onto inertia belts, with further progression to the incorporation of seat sensors in the final years.
What can we supply?
We cannot supply any used examples of the earliest chrome buckle belts as on the odd occasions we come across them they aren't of saleable standard. We can supply a good quality reproduction chrome buckle lap belt for fitting to front or rear, conforming to all relevant standards.
We can sometimes supply secondhand the 3 point static belts fitted in the 1970s - they will be tatty and worn and we would advise you to re-web them. We can sometimes supply front inertia belts along with their anchors - however again note that they will be tatty/dirty/worn and we would recommend overhauling with new webbing etc - we only check the inertia reel to make sure it locks as it should and that the anchor clasps and releases properly.
We can often supply just the anchors alone. All used belts are sold as matched pairs only.