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Reconditioned & Used Cylinder Heads

Triumph Cylinder Heads

Reconditioned Heads

We have been dealing with reconditioning Triumph heads for over 25 years, so we have by now acquired an idea of what works and lasts and what may not do.
If you are in the market for a head its best to email us with your requirements and we will be able to quote and help. But below are some general pointers and answers to frequently asked questions.
If possible we would prefer to recondition your own head. We are able to collect your head (and deliver it back when we have finished).
Sometimes it isn't possible to rebuild your head if, for example you don't have one, (or your head proves on examination, or you already know, that is not rebuildable). Further details on this below.
Unless advised otherwise we would re-build your head to factory specification if possible (with the exception of converting it to run on unleaded fuel & ethanol by means of fitting stainless valves and stainless inserts). We can, at additional cost, build in upgrades such as polishing, flowing, porting etc. We can also fit larger valves in some instances.
In terms of timescale we are unusually able to turn an head around in less than 4 weeks, and in busy periods it may be longer.
Please email us for pricing with full details of your car and we will get back to you with an exact price. As a guide:
  • Herald, Spitfire, Dolomite 1300/1500 from £465
  • Vitesse, GT6, 2000/2500, TR5/TR250/TR6 from £620
  • TR2/4/4/4A from £660
  • 4 cylinder OHC  from £690
  • Stag £790 (each)
Other FAQ:
Do you supply instructions? Yes we supply specific instructions for post fitting tests, adjustments & running in procedure. We don't supply fitting-to-the car instructions - you would need experience or a manual.
How can I know if my head is rebuildable?
Reconditioning potential is not always obvious from an external inspection. Reasons why heads are not rebuildable include: cracks discovered under the UV light test, having been skimmed to the point that there is not enough meat for another skim, in these instances we will try to supply or source a replacement unit.
Can you deliver a head?
Yes no problem, we can deliver almost anywhere in the world, get in touch for a delivery quote
Can I collect?
Yes, by appointment. 
Reconditioned Triumph Cylinder Head

Used Heads

We may be able to supply a used (second-hand, totally un-rebuilt, just as removed from the vehicle) head, depending on model.
Please get in touch for a quote on price and availability (please note that we can never supply secondhand TR2/3/4 or Stag heads as we rebuild all of these that are rebuildable)
Used heads will exhibit wear. In particular the valves will obviously not be new - they will require replacing or refacing, and the seats will require re-cutting and stainless inserts. The head may require reskimming and will in any event need decoking. We do not grade used heads with regard to good, bad or indifferent or in any other way (to do so would require dismantling, machine cleaning and examination...which is half way towards reconditioning). We would advise you to purchase a used head only if you plan to overhaul it, as the condition is unknown.
FAQ on used heads:
Do you know the mileage of a used head?
No sorry we don't. Even if we were to see the speedo of the vehicle the engine came from this is no indication of the mileage of the engine. For more details on this see here
Can you deliver a head?
Yes no problem, we can deliver almost anywhere in the world, get in touch for a delivery quote
Can I collect?
Yes, by appointment.
Used Triumph Engine