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Triumph Overdrives

Reconditioned Exchange Overdrive Unit

Reconditioned overdrives are sold on an exchange basis. We can supply the full range of A, D & J type Laycock overdrives.
We do not sell overdrives direct on-line as we need to check the unit you wish to buy is right and correct for your car - please get in touch by using the contact button below.
Prices are between £590 and £760 depending on type and specification and whether a solenoid is fitted etc
Please note that if you have a non-overdrive car you cannot simply substitue an overdrive gearbox for a non-overdrive version simply by adding an overdrive unit (as the linkage, propshaft, mounting plate etc are all different as well as the gearbox itself).
We can sometimes supply a used overdrive unit at a cost of £300, please inquire if interested. Note that condition of used units is entirely unknown and are sold for rebuilding. More details on used parts here

Exchange Surcharge Principle

What is an "Exchange Surcharge"?
Where reconditioned parts are sold on an exchange basis an "exchange surcharge" is applied – a deposit that is refunded to you when your old unit is received by us. This system operates to allow the continued use of the vehicle while replacing parts and is aimed at reducing vehicle "downtime" to a minimum. Should an exchange unit supplied by you not be fit for reconditioning then you will not receive the deposit surcharge back, and the part returned to you. Examples of the main problems encountered are holes in engine blocks, cracks in cylinder heads, seized bleed nipples in calipers, or the wrong specification item (eg GT6 differential instead of Spitfire unit). Please drain return units of oil and water & return to us within 90 days of receiving your reconditioned unit.
Sometimes in the event of rare items we are not able to supply an exchange unit, in which case your own part will have to be rebuilt, if serviceable.
To summarise: we want your old unit back so as we can rebuild it for the next customer.