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Triumph Carpet Sets
For most models we can supply a choice of moulded or stitched carpets.
Our de-luxe deep pile stitched carpet is sourced from a manufacturer who supplies as original equipment carpets fitted by many British sports & kit car manufacturers. This carpet features a pliable rot-proof latex backing  and leathercloth bound edges.
Our moulded carpets are supplied to us by market leader Newton Commercial. Moulded carpets are more expensive than stitched because they are pre-formed to a greater extent than the deep pile carpets and consequently a little easier to fit for a less experienced coachtrimmer.
We do not advise the use of underfelt. All our carpets are of thick material which does not really require the fitment of additional thick material. Although underfelt provides the benefit of enhanced soundproofing it tends to disintegrate quite quickly and acts like a sponge for moisture - taking weeks to dry out if it ever gets really wet in a convertible - with subsequent detrimental effects for metalwork underneath. If desired we would instead recommend the use of waterproof cellular foam, which although not original is a better product and isn't easily seen underneath a carpet once fitted and performs a better job.
Please be advised that none of our carpet sets include a boot carpet or mat.