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Which Carburettors?

Triumph fitted a wide range of different carbs from different manufacturers, and often changed the carb type through the production period (eg the Dolomite range was fitted no less than 15 slightly differering types).
The carb arrangement or type your car is fitted with now may not be identical to what it left the factory with all those years ago. So we prefer potential buyers to contact us first to ascertain what they need and what is appropriate. This is particularly relevant if ordering repair or overhaul kits as opposed to complete carb sets. Equally you may wish to fit a different or uprated carb (eg lose those troublesome waxstat jets, or upgrade to a bigger or twin carb set-up to compliment a modified engine).
We can usually supply carb sevice kits, overhaul kits and other sundry items. In many cases we can recondition customer's carbs or supply complete carb arrangements either as exchange unit or as an outright purchase.

Sample Pics
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Example Reconditioned Carb Set
Example Single Carb Overhaul Kit
Example Twin Carb Service Kit