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Windtone Large Lucas WT618 Type Horns

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Alloy cast horn with domed top cover, as Lucas WT618 horn.
Constructed from cast alloy, plastic, brass, with copper windings.
Very popular horn for vehicles from the vintage era up to the mid 1960s.
As factory fitted to
Triumph TR2/3/3A/ well as Ford Consul, Zephyr, Zodiac, Rolls Royce, MG TD/TF, MG MGA, Jaguar XK120, Morgan, Austin, Lotus Elite, Rootes, Bristol, Morris etc....and an upgrade to other Triumphs and period classics
Supplied complete with fittings, brackets & wiring tails.
Measures diameter 137mm (5"), diameter including trumpet and mounting bracket 204mm (8"), height 100mm (4"), triangular mouth.
Fairly loud at 110db.
Supplied as a pair high and low note.

"Give your classic a proper period parp with a pair of these traditional horns. The 12V units come as a high and low set with mounting brackets. They sounded loud and assertive on test!" Classic & Sportscar Magazine