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Wheelstud Set 4 158729

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Wheelstud Set 4 158729
Correct factory fitment for:
Spitfire - all
Herald - all
Vitesse - all
GT6 - all

Best quality UK manufactured wheel studs

Set of 4 wheelstuds. Suit front or back.
Part number 158729 / 21H5774
3/8" UNF thread. Overall length 35mm. Thread length 22mm.
Note that the hole in the hub is plain - the knurling splines deform when fitted causing a very tight compression fit. This is how they are designed and (as your manual will tell you) the best practice for fitting is with a flypress, hydraulic press, or certain types of puller.It is not recommended to fit by pulling a stud through from the front using a wheelnut as this can put undue strain on the stud or nut.
Sold in sets of 4 only, if you need more than 4 please purchase 2 sets.