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Water Hose Kit Silicone GT6

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Water Hose Kit Silicone GT6
Black silicone hose set.
Includes stainless worm drive clips

The main benefits associated with Silicone Hose are:

[1]  Temperature Resistance
Silicone hose vs rubber - silicone hoses have a greater temperature compliance compared with rubber hoses.  They perform much better in conditions of high temperature and are suitable for use across a temperature range of -60 to +180C without hardening

[2] Flexibility
Silicone hose is more flexible than rubber hose and is therefore preferable when it comes to a job.  More importantly it retains this flexibility over its life-cycle unlike rubber that becomes hardened and fails to seal over time.

[3] Life Expectancy
Silicone hoses vs rubber - silicone hoses have a greater life expectancy compared to traditional rubber hoses due to their inherent heat ageing resilience.  Over prolonged periods of time rubber inevitable perishes.
This damage occurs under the bonnet of a vehicle under normal driving conditions.  The results of this damage causes rubber hoses to become stiff, crack and fail at their job.  Silicone hoses have an excellent heat ageing resistance and remain in excellent working order for years.

[4] Easier to Fit & Re-Fit
Silicone hoses are mush easier to work with than rubber hoses.  Simple installation jobs can be completed quickly and easily with silicone hoses.  Rubber hose can be very difficult to remove as it has a tendency to bond with fittings over time.  Silicone will not 'stick' to your solid pipe in the same way that rubber tends to. Modern cars usually use silicone hoses (especially at the prestige end of the market) even though they are usually fot and forget applications - a further advantage for Triumphs is that hoses often have to be removed for whatever job and then refitted even if they're not being replaced - much easier to fit/remove/refit than rubber.

[5] Chemical & Corrosion Resistance
Silicone hoses also demonstrate an increased resistance to chemicals such as coolant, oil & petrol.  Compared to rubber silicone hose structure displays greater physical integrity when it comes into contact with the sort of fluids classic cars often leak slightly.