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Push Pull Heater Switch 2 Speed (Less Knob) 131812

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Three position push pull switch with five Lucar connectors.

Used for TR4/5/6 & Stag fan switch as well as Spitfire I/II/III & Vitesse master light switch
Supplied complete with 1 fixing nut and crinkle fixing washer. Lucas boxed.
Has Lucas hexagonal shaft with spring loaded retaining plunger, various knobs are available.

Minimum panel mounting hole: 14.5mm.
Maximum panel thickness 2.8mm
Switch body dimensions: 36 x 29 x 27mm deep excluding Lucar terminals.

This Lucas Model 58SA switch has many uses in other British Cars. It can be uses as a Wiper Switch, Headlamp Switch, pull for side lamps, pull again for headlamps etc. The mounting hole is 9/16 inch (14.5mm) with Chrome Slotted Fitting Nut, 5 Lucar style Terminals (Push-On) which are marked, 1, 4, 6, 7, 8. Cross Reference Numbers are: 34519, 34519A, BHA4578, 34317, 34477, 141-235, 542-050, 131812, 132852

Tech Information:
    Position 1 (Pushed In), terminals 1,6, 7 connected
    Position 2 (First Pull), terminals 1,4,6, 7 connected
    Position 3 (Second Pull), terminals 1,4,7, 8 connected

To use as a lighting switch:
    Power in - Terminal 1
    Sidelights - Terminal 4
    Headlights - Terminal 8