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Minilite Type Light Alloy Wheels for TR2 - 6

(Code: MWTR1)
Wheel Size : 15" diameter by 5.5" width, 15mm offset
£ 446.40
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  • Superb quality lightweight aluminium wheels
  • Bolt on as a direct replacement when used with the corresponding wheelnuts (supplied)
  • Very competitively priced
  • These wheels are quality UK sourced (not poor quality copies imported from the Far East)
Wheels are manufactured to ISO16949 standards and have been JWL (Japan Light Alloy Wheel Standard) and VIA (Vehicle Inspection Association of Japan) approved.

Wheels are designed using CAD/CAM, analysed in every minute detail. Produced from 100% top quality primary heat treated aluminium alloy and age hardened. Meticulous care is taken during manufacture starting with BS9002 sourced raw material. All Wheels are low pressure cast using computer controlled multi-stage systems during casting and incorporating state of the art die features, this ensures that the end product has perfect grain given maximum elasticity and strength coupled with minimum weight (from 5.4kg each depending on size)

Each wheel is 100% x-rayed, heat treated, age hardened, fitted with steel inserts and pressure tested before being finally date stamped and all at an affordable price.

Price is for a set of 4 wheels complete with wheel nuts & centrecaps
If you require an individual wheel or a set of 5 please get in touch
Diameter and width as quoted, pcd is 114.13mm, centrebore is 67.1mm, original thread 7/16"UNF

Standard colour is silver with diamond cut rim as per pics. We are able to supply additional colours of black or gold to order on sizes 13" x 5" and 13" x 5.5" only - get in touch if interested in a special order coloured wheel at additional cost.

Fitment: We will supply wheels which will fit your stud pattern (pcd), but we are unable to advise you as to what size is most suitable. We are unable to answer questions such as "What is the widest wheel I can fit to my XXXX" as this is determined by: A) first and foremost your choice of tyre size, B) the state of your springs and suspension (vehicles with lowered or tired springs are more likely to have the tyres impact the wheelarch tops (bottoming out) on full suspension travel, C) any modifications performed. D) Whether you (and/or your passenger) are heavy or light, whether you often carry luggage, E) Whether you drive slowly or fast over sleeping policemen or similar road bumps, (and whether or not it is acceptable for you to bottom out the rear wheels with a full boot and/or rear passengers) etc. If you are unsure as to what will fit your particular car then we would advise sticking with Triumph's recommendations (or the wheel size already fitted) unless you are sure fitment is advisable
Code Wheel Size  Price   
MWTR1  15" diameter by 5.5" width, 15mm offset  £ 446.40 Details Buy
MWTR2  15" diameter by 6" width, 8mm offset  £ 474.00 Details Buy
MWTR3  15" diameter by 7" width, 0mm offset  £ 512.40 Details Buy
MWTR4  15" diameter by 8" width, 0mm offset  £ 571.20 Details Buy