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Mechanical Fuel Pump 208493

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Mechanical Fuel Pump 208493
Factory fitment for:
Triumph Herald, all models including the 948cc, 1959 to 1971
Triumph Spitfire I, II, III, IV to FH50000, 1962 to approximately 1972 - check your engine number! Not correct for Spitfire 1500

Best quality UK manufactured incorporating a priming lever

Note that if your old pump has push on unions the petrol pipes will need to be changed, because there are no alternatives.
Note that this pump is a new manufacture so is compatible with the latest E10 fuel (unlike old autojumble stock)
Please fit carefully - its easy to accidentally position the lever under the cam instead of on top of it, if you do this the pump will work for a while before the operating lever is damaged or even snap off. If an insulator spacer is fitted then reuse this with the new gasket supplied.

If you have a 13/60 fitted with a hi torque starter motor, this pump only just fits if you remove the top casing bolt from the starter (as it's a taller starter), Or remove the starter, replace the pump and refit the starter.