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GT6 & Vitesse Brake Overhaul Kit

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Restoring your car?  Brakes not quite as you would like them?  Braking effort uneven / pulling to oneside?  Treat your Triumph with our kit
  • 2 x front brake caliper reconditioned exchange

  • 2 x front brake disc

  • 4 x front brake pads

  • 1 x front brake pin & fitting kit 

  • 2 x front brake flexihoses

  • 4 x rear brake shoe

  • 2 x rear wheel cylinder

  • 4 x rear drum attachment screw 

  • 2 x rear brake flexihose

  • 1 x master cylinder service kit

Note that calipers are sold on a reconditioned exchange basis. Cost includes a refundable surcharge of £100.00 + VAT (£60.00 per caliper). More details here

Please note that for this order you will need to supply your exact car model and year when you check out.