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Engine Service Kit 2000/2500 Range

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Engine Service Kit 2000/2500 Range
  • Is your Triumph overdue a service?
  • Do you want to get peak performance back? 
  • Do you wish to keep a spares package readily available at home or in the boot? (we have found that the majority of breakdowns are caused by the failure of those parts listed in our kits - badly worn plugs & points, cracked distributor cap, tired coil, sheared fan belt, blocked fuel filter etc. Keep your Triumph reliable!) If you are comparing kit prices, please also compare contents - are kits are fully comprehensive.

Kit consists of:
Silicone HT lead set, distributor cap, condenser, points, rotor arm, ignition coil, spark plugs, fan belt, rocker cover gasket, rocker cover seals, oil filter, fuel filter, thermostat, thermostat gasket

Please note that you will need to supply your car model/engine size and year when you check out.