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Engine Oil 20/50 Castrol 4.55L

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Conventional, multigrade engine oil.
Protects and preserves Triumph engines.
High viscosity helps to reduce oil loss & leakage.
Ensures economical oil consumption.
Multigrade Oil for use in Summer and Winter.
Oil adapts to outside temperature.
Service Classification: API SE CC
20/50 grade is correct for all Triumph car engines from 1961 onwards

Supplied in the original beautiful steel tin
4.55L (1 gallon)

Castrol's website states:
Castrol Classic Oils are specially formulated in the style of the original products.  Using traditional mineral oil and a low detergent formulation, Castrol Classic Oils are the right choice for your cherished classic or vintage vehicle.

Older engines have very different requirements to modern engines.  With larger oil galleries and a greater reliance on splash and cling properties, seals made from traditional materials, and the risk of carbon gum and varnish, you need to be sure that your oil will perform as the vehicle manufacturer originally intended.

With the most appropriate and carefully balanced additive technology to provide the best protection and performance for classic engines, Castrol Classic Oils are your premium lubricant.