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Dynamo-Alternator C40L Vitesse GT6 2000

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Dynamo-Alternator C40L Vitesse GT6 2000
This is in essence a powerful 45amp alternator inside a dynamo casing.

These units are direct replacements (incorporating a regulator) of the original Lucas dynamo, and further retain the period appearance by utilising the original wires already in place.
They contain the workings of a lightweight 45amp alternators inside the original steel dynamo case - thus halving the weight and more than doubling the output of the original units, while retaining the exact original appearance.
These are brand new products, thus not requiring any exchange or part of your old unit

Fitting: Fitting may require the same minor electrical modification as converting to alternator (no bracketry changes are required as this unit bolts directly in place of the dynamo). The bulkhead mounted regulator (usually a RB340 or RB106) can be removed altogether as the dynator is internally regulated, alternatively if it is kept in place for the purposes of originality then it can be used as a junction box by joining the pins of the field wire and ignition warning light wire inside the control box.

Correct for Vitesse, GT6 Mk1, 2000 Mk1