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Cylinder Head Special Nut OHV Engines

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Cylinder Head Special Nut
Note that cylinder head nuts should be replaced every time the cylinder head is removed. This is because they are a special nut with a non-concentric thread for the express purpose of correctly torquing down the cylinder head after removal.
This isn't a performance part or enhancement as such, just the correct factory part...but we have experienced some customers who thought they could re-use the old nuts or any new nut of the correct size.
4 cylinder over-head valve (OHV) engines require 10 and 6 cylinder engines require 14.

Please note that for this part you will need to supply your exact car model year and engine capacity when you check out.

FAQ: Do I need to replace the head studs too - don't they stretch? No, while we know that this is imperative with some manufacture's engines but in our experience from our workshop this doesn't seem to be the case for Triumph. Neither do the factory repair manuals mention this requirement anywhere that we have seen.