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Alternator Overhaul Kit GXE8211/KIT

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Alternator Overhaul Kit GXE8211/KIT
Fits Lucas ACR 15 16 17 18 LRA100 Alternators.
Suits Triumphs fitted with Lucas and Lucas type alternators
These are the same components as fitted to our Lucas ACR Type High Output Alternators

Whilst most people know what the rectifier, regulator, and brushes are for, we are sometimes asked what the round bit is - its called the slip ring and acts as a band consisting of a conductive material provided by the shaft. The windings are connected to the electrical connections and the slip ring connects to the spinning assembly. Its included as the copper wears causing flat spots thus losing contact with the brushes some of the time and reducing the magnetic field.
The rear plastic endcap is also included as these are often discoloured/degraded especially where they abut the alloy body letting dirt into the windings, and are sometimes even cracked.
Instructions are included but some auto-electrical technical knowlege is recommended.