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Alternator GXE8211

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Alternator : 36amp output. Standard body
Right hand or Left Hand
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Lucas Replacement Alternator - available with 36amp, 45amp, or 65amp output

This is the alternator factory fitted to Triumphs that were alternator equipped.These units are direct replacements complete with fan and pulleys and will not require any modification to the vehicle.
These units are new outright, not reconditioned and individually hand tested here in East Sussex.

Lucas alternators were produced in 2 versions - Left Hand Fitting and Right Hand Fitting
Right Hand Fitting (ie the attatchment bracket is on the right-hand of the alternator when you are looking at the front pulley wheel) Triumph Spitfire, Triumph GT6, Triumph TR5/6, Triumph 2000/2500, Triumph Stag.
Left Hand Fitting (ie the attatchment bracket is on the left-hand of the alternator when you are looking at the front pulley wheel) was fitted to the TR7

If you are buying for a classic other than a Triumph and aren't sure whether you need a left or right handed unit then its very easy to convert a left-hand unit to a right hand unit and vice versa:
1) Loosen the 3 bolts that hold the casing on (the casing is just a cover, its not sprung - nothing will jump out)
2) Turn the body around (there are only 2 possible positions, left or right hand) while holding the plastic end cap (the plastic end cap must not rotate)
3) Retorque the casing bolts

Dimensions: Internal distance between mounting lug holes 88mm, external distance between mounting holes 108mm, (lug width 10mm each), adjusting mount lug width 10mm, pitch circle diameter between mounting and adjusting lugs 145mm, mounting bolt hole size 8mm, distance centre of mounting bolt to centre of pulley 91mm, pulley diameter 62mm, pulley groove 10mm, weight 4kg - 5.5kg (depending on output). All measurements approximate.

What output size is recommended for your Triumph?
When Triumph moved over from dynamos to alternators then a 36amp unit was fitted, upgrading to 45amp in the final years. Upgrading from 36amp to 45amp to 65amp is a straight swap as the external dimensions are identical. There is no disadvantage in having a more powerful alternator than you think you may need (apart from the initial cost), due to internal regulation your battery wont be overcharged it will just re-charge quicker and drain less, and allowing peace-of-mind for restarts if you had previously been driving with heater, wipers, lights etc all on at once.
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GXE821136  36amp output. Standard body  £ 63.00 Details Buy
GXE821136C  36amo output. Chrome plated body  £ 114.00 Details Buy
GXE821145  45amp output. Standard body  £ 79.20 Details Buy
GXE821145C  45amp output. Chrome plated body  £ 134.40 Details Buy
GXE821165  65amp output. Standard body  £ 82.80 Details Buy
GXE821165C  65amp output. Chrome plated body  £ 136.80 Details Buy