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  • Car not starting as easily as you would like?

  • Battery letting you down?

  • Add uumph to your charging circuit by converting to a modern alternator system charging at 45Amp - the dynamo we supply with this kit puts out a hefty 45Amp which is an upgrade on the standard 36Amp units available

  • This kit supplies those parts required to convert (including wiring diagram and fan belt) as well as the alternator itself. Fitment is a simple job of bolting on the alternator instead of the dynamo and re-routing wires.

  • The kit contains a new fanbelt & alternator, everything else is secondhand.

  • We can supply kits suitable for Spitfire, Herald, Vitesse, GT6, TR5

Kit is priced at 159.00




  • Does the alternator come with pulley wheel and cooling wheel? Yes as you will need these
  • Does it come with instructions? No, but fitting is straightforward for a competent mechanic and a wiring diagram is included.
  • Can you supply the mounting bracket & hardware new? No as these parts are no longer available new. However as they are non-moving drop forged steel items they do not wear out, if you wish them to look new you can paint them as above
  • Do I need to supply you with an old alternator in exchange? No
  • Is it the same kit for every car? No you need to tell us what car you have.
  • Can you supply kits for cars other than Triumph? Yes in the past we have supplied Sprite, MG, Healey 3000, Minor, Lotus & others



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