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Alloy Magnetic Sump / Filler Plug


  • This is a very light alloy plug with a strongly magnetised insert which traps metal filings & debris to its surface which are normally held in suspension in the oil increasing component wear.
  • As a further advantage the outer (non-magnetic) case of the plug is much larger and hexagonal allowing greater spanner purchase as opposed to the smaller square standard plug which tends to round off.
  • Fits as a direct replacement for the standard sump plug in the engine, and drain/filler plug in the gearbox and differential. 
  • Strongly recommended for all cars
  • Fits all Triumphs as well as most British & American classics (all cars with 5/8" thread)

Priced at 8.40 ex VAT





Detail of magnetic plug showing trapped metal filings & particles following removal from gearbox




Our plugs have a very strong magnetic element unlike the cheaper copies sometimes seen


Manufactured in the UK

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