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Mocul Oil Cooler


The pressed plate cooler consists of a variable number of aluminium pressed  plates forming oil ways and end tanks, the oil ways contain turbulators which not only break down boundary layer effect in the flow to obtain maximum heat dissipation without undue pressure drop but also because they are brazed to both surfaces of the plates hold them together under pressure.
The oil ways are interspersed with aluminium strip louvered and formed into corrugations to provide airways. The entire unit is brazed together in a salt bath. The design is beautifully simple and efficient and most suitable for mass production, the coolers are available in various heights,  usually referred to in rows, these are the number of oil ways including top and bottom plates which also carry oil.







4 Row Cooler   60

7 Row Cooler   60

10 Row Cooler 60

13 Row Cooler 82

16 Row Cooler 100

19 Row Cooler 108

25 Row Cooler 124




Technical Details:

number of rows matrix height in (mm) weight in (Kgs) capacity in (litres)
4 29 0.31 0.08
7 53 0.39 0.14
10 77 0.48 0.20
13 100 0.60 0.26
16 124 0.67 0.32








Installation Kits:


Vehicle Installation Kit Rubber Hose Installation Kit Stainless Braided Hose
Spitfire/Herald/Dolomite 1300/1500 54 89
GT6/Vitesse 74 89
2000/2500 79 119
TR5/6 74 89
Sprint/TR7 64 89
TR2/3/4/4A 64 119


6 Cylinder kit adapters include Spin-Off filter conversion at an additional cost of 22 if desired.

Filter if required at 7.91 








Oil Thermostat:


Inline stat with push-on connections 32.00 (can only be used with rubber kits)

Inline stat with screw-on connections & stub hoses to suit 74.00 (can be used with rubber and braided kits)

On 4 cylinder cars the stat can alternatively be built into the sandwich plate at an additional cost of 36.00 (due to the oil take-off plate design this is not possible on 6 cylinder which must use one of the separate inline stats above if one is required)




Prices quoted exclude VAT



Manufactured in the UK



Photo shows example of Spitfire Rubber Hose Cooler Installation Kit (click to enlarge):


Photo shows example of GT6 Braided Hose Cooler Installation Kit (click to enlarge):


Photos show example of TR6 Braided Hose Cooler Installation Kit with 19 row cooler and thermostat (click to enlarge):