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EBC Kevlar Brake Pads "Greenstuff"

You may have already heard great things about these new Kevlar brake pads:

These pads must be the most inexpensive way of achieving a real improvement in stopping power.


What the press say:

- Now available for Triumphs:



We can also supply EBC Kevlar Brake Pads for most marques and all classics.

 Please ring for a quote.

2291/2169 VitesseMK2/GT6/TR4A/TR5/TR5A/TR6 44.00 set
2127 TR7 34.00 set
2240 TR8 47.00 set
2114 1300TC/1500 71-72 34.00 set
2106 1500 72-76/1500TC 70-73 34.00 set
2291 1500TC 72-75 34.00 set
2107 2000 63-64 44.00 set
  2000 64-69 not available
2240 2000 69-70 44.00 set
  2.5PI 69-69 not available
2240 2.5PI 69-77 44.00 set
2106 Dolomite & Sprint 75-82 44.00 set
2114 Herald/Spitfire/Vitesse 1600 34.00 set
2240 Stag 48.00 set
2291 Vitesse 2L 44.00 set

Prices exclude vat

Technical Data: These pads have a friction coefficient of around 0.5u and very high resistance to brake fad (550C) making them a superb upgrade for street cars, track tests, hillclimbs, Sprints etc. Greenstuff has been very successful with single seater cars such as Ginetta/Formula600/Formula Ford and has low to medium lifetime in race conditions. Operational temperature range is 0C - 900C

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Driver Advice - PLEASE READ

DRIVE WITH CAUTION after installing to allow pads and/or discs to 'bed-in' for the first 300 miles. During bed-in brakes may be less effective until components 'seat' correctly. Drive with caution until full brake efficiency is observed. Over-heavy use during the bed-in period may cause surface carbonisation and produce black dusting.

BRAKE PADS should be inspected for wear every 3000 miles as varying load and use conditions can greatly influence pad wear rates. Badly worn or totally worn brake pads can cause partial or total loss of brake and may result in an accident. Some products may last longer than or even less miles than other types of brake pad when used in the same conditions. Pads should be changed when friction material thickness reaches 1/8th inch (3mm). Do not fit used 'anti-rattle' shims with new pads and do please clean discs of any deposits from old pads.

BRAKE DISCS . When fitting or refitting discs (rotors) at any time it is vital that the mating surfaces of disc and hub are scrupulously clean. The tiniest speck of rust, swarf, or dirt may cause run out and judder after 2-3000 miles. Similarly securing bolts/nuts should be torqued correctly and equally to vehicle manufacturers specification. Caliper pistons should always be checked for equal performance/movement. Sticking pistons are sure to cause distortion. The fitted disc should be checked for perimeter run-out by dial gauge or similar. Maximum acceptable run-out on a disc is 2/1000ths of an inch (0.05mm). All discs are carefully boxed and each box carries detailed fitting instructions and checking procedures. PLEASE READ.