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Solar Battery Charger


  • Solar trickle charger for 12 volt batteries
  • Place charger on dashboard and plug into cigarette lighter (with cable supplied) or direct to battery (cable supplied) - as long as there is sufficient daylight it will create an electrical charge which will be fed into battery
  • The solar panel converts daylight into electricity which is fed into battery. It is specifically designed to optimise conversion of light into electricity, even on overcast days.
  • Complete with LED to show charge is being fed to battery and clips to store cable on reverse when not in use (see picture below)
  • This charger is designed to keep the battery fully charged and negate the natural drainage of battery power in cars (eg classics, 2nd cars) which are not used daily. It will not "jump start" a battery which has fully discharged.

Priced at 39.95 ex vat


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