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  • Simple, proven & effective Immobiliser & Battery-Cut_off Switch
  • Fits to all battery types in minutes
  • Simply unscrew black knob to disable starter motor
  • If you intend to store your vehicle for some time Disconnect will also prevent battery drain, simply unscrew the knob & replace the fuse.
  • Full installer/user instructions supplied

How the Dis-Car-Nect Immobiliser works: When you unscrew the black knob the 16amp fused "by-pass" allows all electrics (alarm, stereo code & memories etc) to work except the starter motor. Because the starter motor draws over 100 amps, any attempt to connect (hot wire) the starter will cause the fuse to blow, immobilising the car until the knob is replaced. If this should happen simply replace the 16 amp fuse at a convenient time.

"Like all the best ideas, Disconnect is simple and very effective" - AUTO EXPRESS

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